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Advice given to senior medical and para-medical GOOD FOR FAMILIES WELCOME ACCIDENT

The mental state of families victims of various accidents (traffic accidents, severe burns, poisoning ...) requires special care, therefore we try to follow some principles:

materially :


  • Separate the victim from the rest of the family to facilitate the work of doctors.
  • Bring the family of the victim to a secluded place suitable to reduce the shock effect.
  • Carry out medical operations quickly and efficiently even if administrative operations are not yet established.
  • Try to gain the trust of the family.

on a psychological level :


  • Pay attention and listen to the victim's family to help and support.
  • Be understanding and try to reassure the family concerned.
  • Share the pain of the family to feel reassured and surround.


When the transmission of information:


  • Ensure the health of the victim and transmit information to the family.
  • Be sensitive when transmitting information and avoid panic.
  • Inform the family As the health of the patient.
  • Prepare mentally before the family to tell him bad news.